The Rowe Tribe

The Rowe Tribe

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our California Home away from Home

I promised several of you I would post pictures of this home, our new, yet old, but temporary home here in California for 5 weeks. What a house! I hadn't seen very many pictures ahead of time, only ones of the outside and 1 inside picture so I didn't know what to expect. As we were going through the house with the owner, Jeff gave me a "knowing" look. That look meant, this is your kind of house. I absolutely love it and would take just about everything back home with me. It has antiques, old-style mixed with new, very ecletic, this house just has "me" written all over it. I am finding all kinds of little ideas that I am studying and thinking about for when I build a house someday. Apparently this house is very old, circa 1910 (or most of it; some is not original) and was moved in 2 or 3 sections from a farm back in the 1960s. And wait until I send pictures of the garden and yard. It is so beautiful outside. Everyday I take a different path or paths and never end up in the same place. The owner is so nice and kind and has made it so easy for us just to move in. All I had to do was go to the grocery. As Jeff walks by the rosemary bushes everyday he says he smells like it all the way to work.

Downstairs bathroom the boys are sharing. We have a bath off of our room, the girls have one, and there is a 1/2 bath near the kitchen and laundry area.

2 of the boys are sharing this room, called the bunny room.

Our bedroom; she even put up a crib for "little-bit". On the other side of the bed not seen, there are french doors which open up to a covered porch with comfy sitting furniture. I cannot decide where to relax there are so many spaces to do so.

This room has a fold-out couch and is also downstairs near us. Jackson is sleeping here. Never having slept in a room by himself ever, he is hesitant each night to sleep alone even though 2 of his brothers are next door and we are across the hall.

Looking from the downstairs hall going to the bedrooms towards the foyer and the living room beyond.

A comfy, cozy, living room. I curled up on the sofa today in front of the big picture window where I could see the flowers for some quiet time.

Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms, Scott is using this one.

Looking the other way from Scott's bed is a work area. Jeff worked here all Monday morning as there is a fast-speed internet connection and he can set up his printer and other materials.

The girls are sharing this room upstairs. The doors open to a balcony outside.

From the kitchen this porch/sunroom is accessible and has 4 outside french doors. The table has 8 chairs but could easily seat 10. I love the old farm table. We are doing school here and eating most meals here. There is a sink beside the door which I am loving; a great place to wash up when they come inside and before and after meals.

Kitchen, brown door goes to porch.

Looking at the kitchen from the dining room towards the 1/2 bath and laundry area.

Standing partially in the Dining Room looking into the Living Room. Foyer and stairs are in the background.

Looking into the Dining Room and the Family Room is to the left.

Looking into the Family Room from the Dining Room. There are 3 doors in here. We spend about 15 minutes each night checking the 9 outside doors making sure they are closed and locked. The whole 3 acres is surrounded by a fence and an electric gate which we keep closed and only open when leaving and coming.

This used to be a garge off of the family room. It has been converted into a playroom. The floor has been painted and the wall added where the garage door was has a mural painted on it. A stained glass door fits in the space where a side door used to open to the front porch. There is another side door which opens to a path in the garden.

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  1. My girls are in love with this house, they say it looks enchanted. They especially like Sarah Kelly and Elizabeth's room and balcony!